Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry After Christmas!

Hi Everyone,
Hope that you all had a very Yarny Christmas! I have been knitting everyday..including at our Christmas celebrations at my in-law on Christmas Day! I have been making a pair of socks for little guy - not so little anymore! They are being made from Regia, one of the new Kaffe patterns, I love it! Kinda blue, kinda turqouise.
For Christmas I was soooooo excited to received the KnitPicks options set in the Harmony! I just keep staring at it thru the pouch-- there were some people on Ravelry discussing the fact that some sets had been rec'd with a zippered clear pouch, the others with a binder style case -- I got the one with the clear pouch. I thought that the binder would be better, but actually like the pouch! This was the one thing, and the only thing that I wanted for Xmas and my hubby came thru! Apparently he had a dickens of a time getting it though, and was calling Knitpicks almost daily to see what was going on, it was stuck at customs for a few weeks! He finally got a call last Friday at about 4pm to pickup at the post office!! Given the fact that it was all I could talk about for the past 2 months, he was very relieved!! It took 1 month to get here!
We are now off to see "I am Legend" with DH, so will go and apply my face!
Pics to come soon, they are all on hubbys camera, as I always forget mine!
Happy New Year to all of you!!!!

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Bettina said...

Hello "Canuck"!

I was sondering if youve sold your Namaste bag? If not what would be your asking price for sending it to Europe?

Have a great day!
Bettina from Denmark