Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day!

What a super-duper sunny day!! It actually is a great day for knitting! I have my knitting group tonight, we are placing a join order for KnitPicks, so I am sure we will go crazy. Have you noticed that if you do something like this with other knitter, you see what they order and end up ordering MORE than you anticipated!!??
I am going to order some of their Felici sock yarn. One of the girls in the group ordered some a few months ago, and used it to make Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket - it looked, and felt awesome - and only used 2 balls!
I am so into socks at the moment. Although I still cannot wrap my mind around how people can knit them so quickly! What is up with that!!?? I am still a cuff down kinda gal, but have almost every sock book on the market, and have the drive to try both 2 socks on 2 circs. and 2 socks on one. Ijust can't find the patience at the moment, to sit and learn. The feeble attempts that I have made thus far, have been exactly that...feeble, and frogged!
Now that the sun is out, it is my intention to take some pictures of my WIP's. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Really...I am here!!!

Well, I thought that perhaps 3 months was a long enough time not to have written an entry!! Sorry folks! For whatever reason, probably the fact that winter is long, cold and dark, I lost my mojo to write.
So here we are, it is a fairly bright sunny day, and although cold, we were able to get into the garage and clear it out, put the snowblower away, and play! Well, yes, I do believe spring has arrived!
We are in the midst of a very large kitchen reno at the time, so have constantly been eating out for the past 4 weeks. We don't have a very big house, but our kitchen is front and centre when you walk in, and IS the largest room in the house. So everything has been condensed into every other room. This means keeping my knitting in bags and baskets, and transporting them every morning, back up the stairs to keep it free of drywall dust. I sit on the couch at night, surrounded by not only 1/2 the kitchen, but my knitting books, and current projects.
Speaking of current knitting, I am working on the Log Cabin from Mason-Dixon. This is to be a stroller blanket for my nephew (now 8 months old!), I am making it out of Sugar N' Cream. I also have the Thuja socks from Knitty on the needles. Although this is a man's pattern, I am making it out of "pretty" yarn. It is a really nice, straightforward pattern, and I would recommend it for women's socks too.

This is my Shaun The Sheep, I made him a few months ago, from the kit available from Patons. Cute huh? He is on top of one of my storage units in my knitting room.

These are socks that I made for my DH. The pattern was Bigfoot. He has size 12/13 feet, so they took a while! I made them from Austermann Step (the one that has the aloe in it), and while I was knitting them I wondered if they would soften them up. After washing in some Euchlan (sp!?) they were the softest I had ever made...not that I have make tons, but still!

Well, all for now, glad to be back! Talk Soon!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Knitting Year!

To everyone out there who reads this...Happy New Year, all the best to you and your in 2008!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry After Christmas!

Hi Everyone,
Hope that you all had a very Yarny Christmas! I have been knitting everyday..including at our Christmas celebrations at my in-law on Christmas Day! I have been making a pair of socks for little guy - not so little anymore! They are being made from Regia, one of the new Kaffe patterns, I love it! Kinda blue, kinda turqouise.
For Christmas I was soooooo excited to received the KnitPicks options set in the Harmony! I just keep staring at it thru the pouch-- there were some people on Ravelry discussing the fact that some sets had been rec'd with a zippered clear pouch, the others with a binder style case -- I got the one with the clear pouch. I thought that the binder would be better, but actually like the pouch! This was the one thing, and the only thing that I wanted for Xmas and my hubby came thru! Apparently he had a dickens of a time getting it though, and was calling Knitpicks almost daily to see what was going on, it was stuck at customs for a few weeks! He finally got a call last Friday at about 4pm to pickup at the post office!! Given the fact that it was all I could talk about for the past 2 months, he was very relieved!! It took 1 month to get here!
We are now off to see "I am Legend" with DH, so will go and apply my face!
Pics to come soon, they are all on hubbys camera, as I always forget mine!
Happy New Year to all of you!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis the Season

I have to say, I love Sheri's idea over at The Loopy Ewe, of telling her about a random act of kindness. I thought I would sieze the moment today, and purchased the coffee the lady behind me ordered. Tis the season for this type of gesture, although we should do it everyday.
I am finding more "bah humbugs" this year, than ever! Parking spaces, lineups, doors, everyone is out for themselves and that really is a shame. Think about it the next time you go out and just do something to help someone else, it doesn't have to cost money. Let me know if you can, I would love to hear what everyone else is doing in this season of giving!
As for the knitting, I have completed (after frogging the second one 2x) a pair of mittens for my son, I made them out of some of the Mission Falls Superwash Wool, from frogging the blanket made for little on last year....(note to self: must restart blanket!) I am going to attempt some ankle socks for some female family members as stocking stuffers, planning on starting after this...lets see how far I get! I have to get around to taking some pics. I will try soon. The gentleman who works full-time for me had a heartattack 2 weeks ago, so I have been working 6 days a week, so bear with me, I'll have some stuff soon!
Don't forget your comments, in the coming weeks I think I will have a draw!!!! Stay Tuned!

FYI, I am selling my brand new Namaste Executive Bag on Ravelry (Chocolate Brown), if anyone is interested it has never been used, I kind of looked at it as soon as I pulled it out of the box, and thought, 'how am I ever going to fill that, it's huge!' $60 plus shipping thru Paypal. My Ravelry id is kknitter.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

American Thanksgiving

Just wishing all of my American knitting friends a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you are all able to get in lots of knitting this weekend!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ah Ha!

There is nothing like forgetting your blogger password!! Swearing up and down for days, that they have no idea how to run this site, what a pain in the %^$#E$ etc. Well, yes, it was my fault! Too many passwords and logins to remember, my mind goes numb after a while, and I end up just staring at the screen....!
SOOOO here I am, after trying every combination under the sun...success!
Sorry I have been absent for a while, I too have got deep into this whole Ravely thang, "yes, I will just login for a quick sec...." only to discover that half the day has gone by! Ok, I'm not that bad, but I just cannot stay logged in for only a minute. One link sends you to another, etc. well, you know what I mean I'm sure, and if you are a knitter and not yet a member of Ravelry what are you waiting for? You surely must have heard of it by now!!

Ok, there's the agression and blaming gone!
As for the knitting, so much has been going on. First of all my DH and I were recently in Austin, Texas, and I checked out 2 super knitting stores. One is new The Knitting Nest, and one is a little older, but, I must say, simply amazing! It is called Hill Country Weavers.
I picked up a few "treats" at each store, I was especially excited to find Brittany DPN's!!
I also took advantage of a special on, and since they don't ship to Canada, had them ship it to my hotel in Austin! I purchased a chocolate brown Namaste bag, the big one, it is super, although it is soooo big, I will have to start a large sweater to carry around with me, in order to make it worthwhile.
I have also joined in with a bunch of local gals from Ravelry, to a local knitting group. Our city has a population of over 150,000, and this is the only one that we know of!
We meet once a month right now, and have met twice so far, but it is fun to talk about everything knitting, and see what everyone else is working on.
If you are a part of Ravelry and live in Ontario, I created the "Ontario Knitters Unite" group on Ravelry. Please join us!
Projects that I have been working on: mittens, hats for DH and my little guy (one was already lost on the excuse to make more, not that I need one!), started on 2 pairs of socks, one for me, one for DH, just finishing a scarf our of Alpaca in a camel colour, and as we expecting the temps to dip below zero by the end of the week, it couldn't be better timing!
I started a great cat pattern, only to get confused with the pattern, and also not being able to increase from 3 stitches on 3 small DPN's, although it was attempted MANY times! Baby hat for my now 3.5 month old adorable nephew! ummm....still carrying on with my V-neck vest, and have frogged a blanket I worked on and off on for about a year for my son, as I think my knitting has improved since and I didn't like the way it was turning out.
So yes, knitting is busy, yey!!! But so is the rest of my life -- now I need some Dancing with The Stars therapy, so I will sign off...I think the winner will be Mel B next week, any takers???