Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis the Season

I have to say, I love Sheri's idea over at The Loopy Ewe, of telling her about a random act of kindness. I thought I would sieze the moment today, and purchased the coffee the lady behind me ordered. Tis the season for this type of gesture, although we should do it everyday.
I am finding more "bah humbugs" this year, than ever! Parking spaces, lineups, doors, everyone is out for themselves and that really is a shame. Think about it the next time you go out and just do something to help someone else, it doesn't have to cost money. Let me know if you can, I would love to hear what everyone else is doing in this season of giving!
As for the knitting, I have completed (after frogging the second one 2x) a pair of mittens for my son, I made them out of some of the Mission Falls Superwash Wool, from frogging the blanket made for little on last year....(note to self: must restart blanket!) I am going to attempt some ankle socks for some female family members as stocking stuffers, planning on starting after this...lets see how far I get! I have to get around to taking some pics. I will try soon. The gentleman who works full-time for me had a heartattack 2 weeks ago, so I have been working 6 days a week, so bear with me, I'll have some stuff soon!
Don't forget your comments, in the coming weeks I think I will have a draw!!!! Stay Tuned!

FYI, I am selling my brand new Namaste Executive Bag on Ravelry (Chocolate Brown), if anyone is interested it has never been used, I kind of looked at it as soon as I pulled it out of the box, and thought, 'how am I ever going to fill that, it's huge!' $60 plus shipping thru Paypal. My Ravelry id is kknitter.

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Renee said...

You might fill it...you never know...