Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day!

What a super-duper sunny day!! It actually is a great day for knitting! I have my knitting group tonight, we are placing a join order for KnitPicks, so I am sure we will go crazy. Have you noticed that if you do something like this with other knitter, you see what they order and end up ordering MORE than you anticipated!!??
I am going to order some of their Felici sock yarn. One of the girls in the group ordered some a few months ago, and used it to make Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket - it looked, and felt awesome - and only used 2 balls!
I am so into socks at the moment. Although I still cannot wrap my mind around how people can knit them so quickly! What is up with that!!?? I am still a cuff down kinda gal, but have almost every sock book on the market, and have the drive to try both 2 socks on 2 circs. and 2 socks on one. Ijust can't find the patience at the moment, to sit and learn. The feeble attempts that I have made thus far, have been exactly that...feeble, and frogged!
Now that the sun is out, it is my intention to take some pictures of my WIP's. Stay tuned!

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