Sunday, April 13, 2008

Really...I am here!!!

Well, I thought that perhaps 3 months was a long enough time not to have written an entry!! Sorry folks! For whatever reason, probably the fact that winter is long, cold and dark, I lost my mojo to write.
So here we are, it is a fairly bright sunny day, and although cold, we were able to get into the garage and clear it out, put the snowblower away, and play! Well, yes, I do believe spring has arrived!
We are in the midst of a very large kitchen reno at the time, so have constantly been eating out for the past 4 weeks. We don't have a very big house, but our kitchen is front and centre when you walk in, and IS the largest room in the house. So everything has been condensed into every other room. This means keeping my knitting in bags and baskets, and transporting them every morning, back up the stairs to keep it free of drywall dust. I sit on the couch at night, surrounded by not only 1/2 the kitchen, but my knitting books, and current projects.
Speaking of current knitting, I am working on the Log Cabin from Mason-Dixon. This is to be a stroller blanket for my nephew (now 8 months old!), I am making it out of Sugar N' Cream. I also have the Thuja socks from Knitty on the needles. Although this is a man's pattern, I am making it out of "pretty" yarn. It is a really nice, straightforward pattern, and I would recommend it for women's socks too.

This is my Shaun The Sheep, I made him a few months ago, from the kit available from Patons. Cute huh? He is on top of one of my storage units in my knitting room.

These are socks that I made for my DH. The pattern was Bigfoot. He has size 12/13 feet, so they took a while! I made them from Austermann Step (the one that has the aloe in it), and while I was knitting them I wondered if they would soften them up. After washing in some Euchlan (sp!?) they were the softest I had ever made...not that I have make tons, but still!

Well, all for now, glad to be back! Talk Soon!